Who is the two-time World Crazy Golf Champion

marc 'the force' chapman

Started playing in 2008...

Marc Chapman is based in Canterbury, Kent. His nickname in the world of competitive miniature golf is ‘The Force’.

Having previously won such high-profile titles such as the 2011 Masters and British Open, he retired from competing on the regular British Tour at the end of 2012. 

He came back to win the World Crazy Golf Championships for the first time in 2018, to great acclaim. He successfully retained the title in 2019.

Extraordinary record

Won 18 out of the 95 events entered since 2008. That’s a remarkable win conversion rate of 19%!

Played for the Great Britain Minigolf Team 6 times in the UK, Italy, Sweden and Portugal at major international tournaments.

Legendary all-time great of the game

Has competed and won individual, doubles and team national titles. This shows his great all-round skill at the sport of Minigolf.